ABOUT Integrity Construction Consulting

The name says it all... INTEGRITY

Most people are good people and want to do the right thing. Unfortunately, sometimes there's an "experience gap" or a "communication gap"  that can lead to costly mis-steps.


Often the construction industry gets a 'bad rep' for being shady, full of scams, and overly expensive.  From my experience, it can be all of those things but it doesn't have to.

So I started Integrity to help my clients avoid costly mis-steps in the construction process.

I provide construction assistance on any level by leveraging over $100m in a wide range of diverse construction experience , a network of industry connections, a passion for building, and a strong desire to help people and do good in the world.

About Kiel

I'm a problem solver at heart. 

Born into a construction family, I've been taking things apart and building them back together since before I was born.


 I'm naturally curious about every little detail, but I typically maintain a "big picture" mindset.


Most construction problems are communication problems and I enjoy bridging that gap with creative and efficient solutions. The more complex the problem, the more fun it is to solve.

As an advocate for meditation, I bring a calm state of mind and rational thinking to construction (even in the most challenging and hostile of construction environments)

Have you heard the saying "it takes one to know one"?

I have worked on all sides of the industry which gives me a range of perspectives and allows me to speak the "language of construction" in the best interest of my clients.

When I'm not at work, I'm staging fake pictures on mountain tops or enjoying life with friends and family.

Kiel Sadowsky