How Can We Help ?

Save Time and Money


- Free up your time to take on a 'higher level' decision making approach

- Leverage my curiosity for details and overall experience to save time & money on overall project expenditures.  

Avoid The Headache of Dealing w. Construction Conflicts

- Have the Confidence Of Quality Assurance

- Avoid Mis-Communications

- Save on Change Order Costs

- Quickly Resolve Issues

Have Confidence Your Not Getting Taken Advantage of

- Know You're Not Getting Screwed

- Have A Representative in Your Corner


- Pre-Construction Planning

- Contractor Selection

- Construction Bid Analysis

- Overall Construction Strategy

- Coordinate all phases of the construction process
(host construction meetings, on site coordination, quality              control, creative problem solving, ect )

- Managing Construction Budget

- Change Order Review and Tracking

- Quality control

- Risk management

- Dispute resolution

 - Drone Surveying / 3D Models / Inspections


A Different Perspective to Construction 

We take a different approach to construction

With field experience, office experience, asking questions, and answering questions I look at all issues through the lens of multiple perspectives in order to get a deeper understanding for what is true.


We're able to use this experience to tackle any issues head on.

This allows us to communicate effectively at all levels and efficiently dodge costly mis-steps.


Why Work With Integrity?

We pride ourselves on our team-oriented approach.


Our wide variety of industry experience allows us to identify, communicate, and address potentially problematic issues early on in the process.


Integrity's collaborative approach and pro-active communication skills facilitate a decision-making process that delivers high quality projects.