Construction Drawing ''Take - offs''

Drawing Take-Off Services

Delegate Take-Offs For Efficiency

I've been in the commercial construction industry for over a decade and I used to work as a commercial estimator, diving my head into a new set of pans every couple of days.

Construction has been in my family since before I was born. I've worked in positions all around the industry,. I use that experience to better understand "drawing intent", unclear notes, and glaring scope gaps.

I can create multiple layers, visual aids, SF and quantity take-offs, calculations, and even provide scoping services, ect.

No project is ever quite the same, so give me a buzz to touch base on project specifics.

- My name's Kiel Sadowsky.  Shoot me an E-mail or give me a call to touch base on project specifics -  518-320-2025


It Takes One To Know One


I used to work as a contractor so I know the "language"

And I understand drawing 'gaps' when I see them, because my job when working as a contractor was to fight sub-contractors over these scope gaps.

If the drawings aren't clear, then you gotta send in an RFI to protect yourself and other bidders from making a dangerous assumption.


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