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A NEW Perspective Can Make the Difference

- Construction Oversight - Where are you in the construction process ? Need contractor or construction oversight? Do you need help moving forward ? Do you need help making a construction decision ?
I can help with construction oversight / advice / questions / guidance to ensure a quality outcome. If I don't have the answer then I know who to ask.

- Project Scope Assessment - What's your project scope ? Is it clearly defined ? Wants vs. needs ? What's realistic ?

Defining your project scope is the first step to getting an accurate estimate on cost. I can help define short term needs vs. long term needs vs. 'nice-to-haves' vs. wants vs. upgrades.
Starting with a well defined project scope makes it easy to bid out to multiple contractors and save $.

- Problem & Conflict Solving  - Have a construction problem you can't solve ? Need a new idea? Running into a conflict with your contractor ?
Let me use my diverse construction background to shed some new light, a fresh set of eyes, and a different perspective on the issue. I've personally lead solution driven teams to solve 1,000's of construction issues and conflicts.

- Overall Cost / Change / Bid Review - Did you get an unexpected cost change? Trouble understanding your bid numbers? Wondering how to reduce overall construction costs?
Cost is the most difficult part of construction and the root cause behind most arguments. When everyone's clear on both cost, and expectations of scope, then projects move easily. I can help with value engineering to reduce overall costs, change review to negotiate lower additional-costs (or confirm additional cost legitimacy), and help analyze bids that you've received.

Every project is different so give a call to discuss project specifics


It Takes One To Know One

I I've worked in the field, in the office, as a commercial construction estimator, and a project manager, for architects, and for project owners.

I know how to speak the language of construction and use this ability to help my clients avoid costly mis-steps when navigating through the construction process.


Why Work With Integrity?

We pride ourselves on our team-oriented approach.


Our wide variety of industry experience allows us to identify, communicate, and address potentially problematic issues early on in the process.


Integrity's collaborative approach and pro-active communication skills facilitate a decision-making process that delivers high quality projects.